Monday, January 30, 2012

Rain, Reign, Rein...

though I hate it on the bike
my garden loves it

reign, sovereign rule
is that the basis for our
type of government

horse's steering wheel
rein, don't turn it right or left
you will go nowhere.

Sunday, January 29, 2012



Now relax. Wow, I was under for quite awhile wasn't I.
You see, I'm secretly an agent of the Internet Gamer Nationally Organized Referendum Against Neural Transmissions.


I've been undercover in an online game called Dragons of Atlantis (aka DOA). I am called... well... I can't tell you that or I'd have to kil... never mind.

All of those games are the same, you build your cities, build an army and then you go wipe out someone who just spent weeks building his city and army. It's like real life almost!!

Oh yeah... I'm on 3 different servers/realms in DOA... and I've also started another game called Thirst of Night. It's almost exactly like DOA, except I'm a vampire... and instead of a dragon... I have a gargoyle...

I need help don't I.....